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Antonio Zoli Corona Delux shotgun rifle

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Antonio Zoli Corona Delux shotgun rifle 20/76 - 6.5x57 R - Frankonia Wholesale B2B ✓ Germany ✓ International

Corona Delux shotgun rifle, Antonio Zoli
Corona Delux shotgun rifle, Antonio Zoli

Antonio ZoliCorona Delux shotgun rifle

Corona Delux shotgun rifle, Antonio Zoli
Corona Delux shotgun rifle, Antonio Zoli
Dealer price:
Price per unit excl. VAT

Retail Price:
€ 3.861,00
  • very good price/performance ratio
  • manual clamping
  • universal use
  • Bavarian double rebate jaw with light hog's saddle
  • steel box system
Item number:


    item description
    • very good price/performance ratio
    • manual clamping
    • universal use
    • Bavarian double rebate jaw with light hog's saddle
    • steel box system

    If the sows or wild animals break in the meadows and eat the grain, a light over-and-under shotgun with a double trigger and manual cocking will help.

    The very prettily crafted Italian comes with a side lock, nitrated steel receiver, noble engraved hunting engraving framed by arabesques, manual cocking with two locks and double trigger with set setter. The trigger can be set very finely and precisely thanks to an adjustment screw. Your runs are connected with silver solder, the running rail is designed for the ZOLI quick assembly. The stock ends in a traditional Bavarian cheek piece.

    The current Corona models benefit from the decades of experience of the Italian company Zoli. No other weapon surpasses its mechanical and ballistic properties.

    The manual cocking system offers a great safety plus, because the gun is only cocked directly before the shot and can therefore be loaded safely - ideal for a quick doublet.

    The hand tension

    The cocking slide on the buttstock is pushed forward, engages almost silently and the locks are cocked. To relax, the slide simply has to be pushed a little further forward; it then slides back to its starting position. When the weapon is opened, the ball and shot lock automatically decock. The cocking slide has a well-formed pressure piece for the thumb and runs silky smooth.

    The effort required to tighten the locks is very low. For additional security, a double safety device was installed, which prevents the second lock from being triggered automatically by a catch piece.

    The system

    The steel system box was completely redeveloped and also made a lower hook piece possible. The stable wedge breech embeds the barrels very deep in the box. This results in less stress on the slide and the transfer of recoil is very straight forward. In the DeLuxe version, the silver-grey receiver with side cheeks has a noble hunting engraving surrounded by arabesques.

    The run

    The 60 cm long barrel bundle has a continuous rib that rises to a sight rib in the last 18 centimeters. A brass front sight is inserted from the front in a dovetail guide into the raised front sight base.

    The stock

    The stock is made of beautifully grained, dark walnut wood and is carefully sanded and oiled. The butt stock has a Bavarian double-folded cheek piece with a slight hog's saddle. The end of the shaft is a narrow rubber butt plate, which guarantees safe and low-noise parking.

    The forend ends in an elegant beak. The checkering on the pistol grip and forend is cleanly cut and sharp. The stock is geared over the riflescope for the shot and screwed to the receiver from behind. Sling swivels are already attached. The distance of the front bracket, 23 cm from the muzzle, is just right to carry the gun comfortably.


    Data sheet:

    system materialk.A.
    shaft shapebay. Backe u. Schweinsrücken
    manual tensionJa
    Free-swinging bullet barrelNein
    Total length in cmk.A.
    Total length minimum in cmk.A.