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AttraTec Trophäenbleiche No 10

  • 36/2170

AttraTec Trophäenbleiche No 10 - Frankonia Wholesale B2B ✓ Germany ✓ International

Trophäenbleiche No 10, AttraTec

AttraTecTrophäenbleiche No 10, 1 l

Trophäenbleiche No 10, AttraTec
Dealer price:
1L € 6,99
Price per piece excl. VAT

Retail Price:
€ 9,99
  • high effectiveness
  • economical use
  • high security
  • best possible protection from sunlight thanks to resealable aluminum bag
Item number:
Ineligible for acquisition.


    item description
    • high effectiveness
    • economical use
    • high security
    • best possible protection from sunlight thanks to resealable aluminum bag

    AttraTec No 10 is an ideal trophy bleach based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide (11.94%) for improved durability. It is very suitable for bleaching trophies. An important prerequisite for bleaching: the trophy should be cleaned of tissue parts and fat as well as possible. For example, adding a liquid (full) detergent to the boil can help with cleaning.

    bleaching method 1
    Brush the boiled skull / trophy well with AttraTec No. 10. Then let the skull/trophy dry in the sun. Repeat the process 1-2 times depending on the bleaching result. If necessary, brush on individual, darker areas.

    bleaching method 2
    Wrap boiled skull/trophy with cotton soaked in AttraTec No 10. After 12-24 hours remove the cotton and let the trophy dry in the sun. If necessary, repeat the process or brush critical areas with AttraTec No 10 again and then leave to dry again in the sun.
    By the way: hydrogen peroxide is sensitive to light. That is why AttraTec No 10 is supplied in a resealable aluminum bag - this ensures the best possible protection against sunlight.

    IMPORTANT NOTES for handling AttraTec No 10:

    • Pour AttraTec No 10 trophy bleach into a clean container (e.g. glass) and remove from there for the bleaching process.
    • Better to take it more often and in small quantities!
    • NEVER pour removed AttraTec No 10 trophy bleach back into the original container!
    • store in a cool place and preferably in the dark
    • high effectiveness
    • economical use
    • high level of safety (hazardous substance bottle, child safety device)
    • Best possible protection from sunlight thanks to the resealable aluminum bag

    exclamation mark

    Danger! Causes serious eye damage. Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. If in eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. If possible, remove contact lenses. Rinse again. Get medical advice/attention. Contains hydrogen peroxide (11.9%).

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