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B&T Silencer Rotex-V für Colt M4 Kaliber .223 - .308

  • 3/72

B&T Silencer Rotex-V für Colt M4 Kaliber .223 - .308 Kaliber .308 Win. / 7,62 mm / 28 dB - Frankonia Wholesale B2B ✓ Germany ✓ International

Silencer Rotex-V für Colt M4 Kaliber .223 - .308, B&T
Silencer Rotex-V für Colt M4 Kaliber .223 - .308, B&T

B&TSilencer Rotex-V für Colt M4 Kaliber .223 - .308

Silencer Rotex-V für Colt M4 Kaliber .223 - .308, B&T
Silencer Rotex-V für Colt M4 Kaliber .223 - .308, B&T
Dealer price:
Price per piece excl. VAT

Retail Price:
€ 750,00
  • Attenuation value: 28 - 33 dB
  • Thread: QD quick release
  • extended by 151 mm
  • including belt pouch
Item number:


    item description
    • Attenuation value: 28 - 33 dB
    • Thread: QD quick release
    • extended by 151 mm
    • including belt pouch

    Compatible with the standard NATO flash hider, the Rotex-V is the optimal solution when a quick attach/detachable hider with very good damping performance is required. In addition, the Rotex-V suppresses muzzle flash very effectively.

    For official use, the silencers have to withstand enormous loads. The experience from this area also flows into the development of hunting silencers. Not only very good damping values are achieved, but also compact dimensions and low weight. Particular attention was paid to an inexpensive, integrated thread adapter, which allows the silencer to be used on several weapons with different muzzle threads.

    B&T silencers are made of extremely temperature-resistant Thermax and Inconel. Inconel alloys have good resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for use in extreme environments. When heated, a stable oxide layer is formed that protects the surface. Strength is maintained over a wide temperature range. This makes the alloys particularly interesting for high-temperature applications where aluminum and steel are unstable.

    Technical specifications:

    • Length: 198 mm
    • Diameter: 39 mm
    • Change in length of the weapon: 151 mm
    • Weight: 684 g
    • Material: Inconel & Thermax
    • Colour: Gray
    • Suitability for continuous fire: to red hot
    • Silencer connection: QD quick release for NATO muzzle flash suppressor
    • Including belt pouch

    Notes on silencers: Existing hunting law bans or restrictions on the use of silencers in the respective federal states must be observed. In terms of target ballistics, the use of silencers when using normal hunting ammunition has no effect - the effect of the bullet remains the same. The perception of the environment is also not affected. Silencers reduce recoil as well as noise at the source. This protects the environment (e.g. hunting dogs) from noise damage. They reduce the muzzle flash almost completely, so that in poor light, the markings and direction of flight of the game can be better perceived. Before pulling the weapon through, the silencer should always be removed in order to avoid damage to the screens. Penetrating oils are recommended for cleaning and preserving silencers. High-temperature-resistant greases have proven themselves for maintaining the threads.


    Data sheet:

    Muzzle threadQD Schnellverschluss

    Documents (PDF)

    Übersicht Schalldämpfer 5,56 mm
    Test Heft 04/2021