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CZ Pistol CZ75 SP-01 Shadow 2.9 mm Para

  • 7/72

CZ Pistol CZ75 SP-01 Shadow 2.9 mm Para Urban Grey - Frankonia Wholesale B2B ✓ Germany ✓ International

Pistol CZ75 SP-01 Shadow 2.9 mm Para, CZ
Pistol CZ75 SP-01 Shadow 2.9 mm Para, CZ

CZPistol CZ75 SP-01 Shadow 2.9 mm Para

Pistol CZ75 SP-01 Shadow 2.9 mm Para, CZ
Pistol CZ75 SP-01 Shadow 2.9 mm Para, CZ
Dealer price:
Price per unit excl. VAT

Retail Price:
€ 1.485,00
  • newly configured DA/SA trigger
  • top-heavy center of gravity
  • higher hand position
  • height-adjustable rear sight
  • magazine release button adjustable in 3 positions
9 mm Luger
Item number:


    item description
    • newly configured DA/SA trigger
    • top-heavy center of gravity
    • higher hand position
    • height-adjustable rear sight
    • magazine release button adjustable in 3 positions

    The CZ Shadow 2 was developed in cooperation with the elite IPSC team from Česká Zbrojovka to increase speed and accuracy in competition. Using the latest technologies, a pistol was created that pushes the limits of IPSC sport shooting even further. At over 1,300 g, the Shadow 2 is pleasantly heavy, and the recoil is effectively reduced. The operation is impressive even after several hundred shots, especially due to the fine trigger.

    Its features include the modernization of all essential weapon parts, new grip panels for the best weapon contact, an SA/DA trigger and an extended 120 mm barrel.

    High resistance surface treatment

    A special surface treatment of the barrel, slide and frame ensures resistance to mechanical damage, which increases the service life of the weapon. At the same time, weather resistance is guaranteed.

    Distinctive checkering

    Fine, non-slip texture on the front part of the grip ensures the weapon is perfectly stable when in position. The weapon in hand does not slip when firing a shot, even with sudden changes in lateral orientation. The front serrations are finely worked and help with quick tensioning processes.

    Rapid advance and shortened release movement

    A rapid pull and a short release path of the trigger are the main requirements for the best possible shooting results.

    Dural aluminum handle scales

    Duralumin as an aluminum alloy is a light, but at the same time highly durable material. Grip shells made of duralumin provide the sports weapon with the stability for maximum firmness and consistency.

    Positionable and adjustable magazine release button

    The reload speed while firing must be absolutely intuitive. The adjustable magazine release button allows each user to find the right and optimally fitting position and to speed up the reloading process.

    fiberglass grain

    The glass fiber guided through the grain takes the light from the surroundings and concentrates it in its cross-section. It shines brightly against the surrounding objects and improves, and most importantly, speeds up orientation when aiming, thus reducing the time required for aiming.

    Perfectly sharp, adjustable rear sight

    A longer line of sight together with a height-adjustable robust rear sight and a fiberglass front sight increase the shooting accuracy of the whole weapon.

    Handle shaped for the lowest possible stance

    The shape of the frame under the beaver tail allows for a maximum low stance, which improves the behavior of the weapon when firing and minimizes the raising of the weapon when firing.

    Extended left safety lever

    Quick and safe arming of the weapon with an enlarged safety lever, which can also be used as a secure thumb rest when firing.

    Cold forged barrel with a length of 120 mm

    The most complex, most precise and most expensive cold forging process of the barrel orientates the fiber direction. This affects the accuracy and life of the barrel. By increasing the barrel length compared to the standard model, the shooting accuracy is also increased.

    scope of delivery

    Instructions, spacers, assembly tool, 3 magazines in total, tow holder, cleaning brush, weapon

    Technical specifications:

    • Magazine capacity: 19 cartridges
    • Trigger: Double Action
    • Barrel length: 120 mm
    • Sights: Height-adjustable, glass fiber front sight
    • Frame: Steel
    • Grip shells: Aluminum
    • Safety: Manual, safety teeth
    • Size: Full-Size
    • Dimensions (LxHxW): 217x157x34 mm
    • Weight : 1330g

    The CZ SHADOW 2 family is in a class of its own: The new standard in a premium all-steel pistol with a large magazine capacity for modern, dynamic sports disciplines. With these models, good shooters shoot great and the best confidently win the most prestigious IPSC competitions. At the same time, these are weapons that are well suited for self-defense.

    The design of this elegant and absolutely reliable pistol builds on the successful family of the CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW, which dominated the IPSC production sport shooting division for more than a decade. The new CZ SHADOW 2 outperforms the CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow in all key areas.

    This claim was achieved due to the close cooperation with the elite shooters of the CZ Shooting team and the incorporation of the latest development techniques and technologies. The CZ SHADOW 2 pistols have a radically modernized slide and grip unit, which, together with the longer barrel, allows them to shoot more precisely and faster. The trigger mechanism achieves top marks with its silky smooth characteristics and the shortened reset. The grip ergonomics of the new CZ Shadow II were designed according to the principle of "the most comfortable and deepest grip". At the same time, the safe and at the same time pleasant checkering guarantees the shooter absolute control over his weapon at all times.

    Thanks to the precise production on CNC-controlled processing centers, nothing is left to chance. Consistent, standardized production quality is the essential quality feature that the customer notices the first time they encounter this exclusive pistol. The surface treatment of these weapons is inspired by the service models and guarantees extreme resistance to corrosion, atmospheric agents and mechanical stress. At the same time, the customer is offered unbeatable value for money, which represents the best in the field of premium sport pistols.


    Documents (PDF)

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    Test Heft 11/2016