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ERA SILENCER Silencer ERA SOB2 Kaliber .375 / 9,5 mm – M15x1 - Frankonia Wholesale B2B ✓ Germany ✓ International



Dealer price:
Price per piece excl. VAT

Retail Price:
€ 436,99
  • Attenuation value: 28 dB
  • lengthened by 105 mm
  • particularly suitable in narrow cockpits or with tracking weapons
  • different calibers and thread types available
Item number:


    item description
    • Attenuation value: 28 dB
    • lengthened by 105 mm
    • particularly suitable in narrow cockpits or with tracking weapons
    • different calibers and thread types available

    40 mm less net length compared to ERA® SILENCER SOB1 - the rifle becomes even easier to handle.

    The ERA® SILENCER was developed with the aim of achieving the best possible damping with a compact design and the lowest possible weight - and this with full Magnum suitability and a long service life.

    The most important requirement for a silencer in hunting use is the most effective possible damping of the muzzle blast to protect the hearing of humans and dogs.

    The silencers of the SOB series are designed as telescopic silencers (over-barrel). A part of the damper protrudes backwards over the barrel and very good damping values can be achieved with a small net overall length. In addition, the first shot bang that is usual with other silencers is reduced to an absolute minimum. Recoil and muzzle flash are also significantly reduced.

    The ERA® SILENCER is easy to disassemble: the threaded bushings are interchangeable. By exchanging the threaded bushing, the ERA® SILENCER can also be used on other weapons of the same caliber but with different barrel threads. Also included is a protective shield that mounts to the rear end of the over-barrel shock. It protects the barrel thread and the damper from damage from lateral forces and prevents dirt and snow from penetrating. The surface structure ensures significantly less adhesion of powder residues inside the damper. Longitudinal grooves milled on the outside provide the necessary grip during assembly and ensure faster cooling. The stepped design protects the sealing rings, since there is no contact with the powder residues in the outer tube during disassembly. A coating according to MIL-SPEC MIL-A-8625F Type III meets the highest requirements for hardness and corrosion resistance. The ERA® SILENCER offers numerous advantages and is excellently equipped to survive in everyday use when hunting.

    10 arguments for the ERA® SILENCER

    1. high attenuation performance – SOB2 up to 28 dB
    2. "First-round-pop" minimized - the ERA® SILENCER reduces the "first-round-pop" effect to a minimum thanks to its specially designed panel
    3. low net length due to telescopic design - SOB2 net length 105 mm
    4. Light weight - SOB2 378g
    5. Reduced recoil - due to the particularly large number of baffles, recoil is significantly reduced
    6. low muzzle flash - the muzzle flash is almost completely deflected into the interior of the damper, thus significantly reducing the blinding effect on the shooter
    7. Interchangeable threaded bushing - thanks to the interchangeable threaded bushing, the ERA® SILENCER can easily be used on other weapons of the same caliber with different barrel threads
    8. Step geometry: Less wear and tear on the sealing rings - the step-shaped design prevents damage to the sealing rings, since any contact with the powder residues in the outer tube is avoided when disassembling
    9. Surface coating according to MIL-SPEC - meets the highest requirements for hardness and corrosion resistance
    10. Suitable for magnums - high-strength aluminum alloys and solid wall thicknesses allow use even with magnum calibres

    ERA®LOC version

    The silencer is also optionally available with the ERA®LOC quick release fastener. When ordering the ERA®LOC version, you also need the appropriate barrel thread bush.
    The ERA®LOC quick-release fastener allows the silencer to be attached and removed quickly and easily with just a short 60° turn. The very robust thread ensures that the silencer is held securely thanks to the large number of threads. The ERA®LOC thread itself is protected from powder residue by the contact on the front side and guarantees consistent and safe functioning.

    Technical specifications:

    • Attenuation value: approx. 28 dB
    • Total length: 235 mm
    • Extended by approx. 105 mm
    • Barrel protrusion: 130 mm
    • Muffler Ø: 50 mm
    • Barrel Ø: max. 22.5 mm
    • Weight: 378 g


    The ERA® SILENCER are designed for hunting in the hunting ground, but not for series of shots that follow each other in close succession, e.g. B. in a shooting cinema. After a series of a maximum of 10 shots, the damper must be allowed to cool down so that it can be touched with bare hands!

    Notes on silencers

    In terms of target ballistics, the use of silencers when using normal hunting ammunition has no effect - the effect of the bullet remains the same. The perception of the environment is also not affected. Silencers reduce recoil as well as noise at the source. This also protects the environment (e.g. hunting dogs) from noise damage. They reduce the muzzle flash almost completely, so that in poor light, the markings and direction of flight of the game can be better perceived. Before pulling the weapon through, the silencer should always be removed in order to avoid damage to the screens. Likewise, the gun should always be stored without a mounted silencer to minimize corrosion in the barrel. Penetrating oils are recommended for cleaning and preserving silencers. High-temperature-resistant greases have proven themselves for maintaining the threads.


    Data sheet:

    Muzzle threadM15x1

    Documents (PDF)

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