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GASTROCK Wanderstock Ziegenhainer - Frankonia Wholesale B2B ✓ Germany ✓ International

Wanderstock Ziegenhainer, GASTROCK
Wanderstock Ziegenhainer, GASTROCK
Wanderstock Ziegenhainer, GASTROCK
Wanderstock Ziegenhainer, GASTROCK

GASTROCKWanderstock Ziegenhainer

Wanderstock Ziegenhainer, GASTROCK
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Retail Price:
€ 75,99
  • made of sweet chestnut
  • attractive appearance
  • made in Germany
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    • made of sweet chestnut
    • attractive appearance
    • made in Germany

    The GASTROCK hiking stick Ziegenhainer is a rootstock made of sweet chestnut. The pommel is carefully handcrafted from the root and has a dark flamed finish with a satin finish. A hand-milled double spiral adorns the stick and gives it an attractive appearance. The walking stick is equipped with leather straps and a nickel-plated pointed clamp.

    Technical specifications:

    • Length: approx. 95-105 cm
    • max. Load: 120 kg
    • Material: chestnut wood
    • Weight: approx. 480 g

    GASTROCK is Europe's most important manufacturer of high-quality walking, hiking, sitting and shooting sticks and has a great deal of experience in stick production.


    The Gastrock company has been manufacturing walking sticks since 1868 and is now run by the sixth generation of the Gastrock family. Since then, the product range has constantly evolved, both technically and aesthetically, without losing sight of the company's roots.
    Out of passion one of the oldest passions of mankind is hunting. In order to be constantly prepared for all challenges as a hunter, you need people and innovations who drive this passion forward - these people include the Gastrock family, who have been producing and constantly improving traditional and high-quality hunting companions for many generations of hunters and the resulting experience.

    Craft art

    The technical art of stick making, which Gastrock has mastered, is and will remain something very special. It takes more than 30 steps to make a hiking stick. Cleaning the wood, softening it with steam, bending it hot, straightening it, grinding it, polishing it, flaming it and painting it: all of this is part of it and still determines the day-to-day work at Gastrock. The know-how is nurtured and carefully passed on.


    All Gastrock sticks are handcrafted to the highest quality standards. This results in products that meet high standards and are also extremely durable. Each piece is unique.

    special sticks

    An affair of the heart is the production of robust and solid special sticks for hunting. The lovingly manufactured shooting sticks with real deer horn fork or the hunting seat sticks "Praktus" and "Pirschsitz" are very well known and widely used by hunters because of their robustness and traditional style.
    Gastrock outdoor products are among the premium items for this market segment. The production of natural sticks from local woods - from our own plantation - is the root of the company. The high-quality and natural workmanship has remained to this day.

    • local support - the wood that is processed is mainly selected and purchased from the surrounding forests
    • Own plantation – a large proportion of the raw materials are harvested from our own plantation of around eight hectares in the immediate vicinity of the production facility, especially for the natural stock production (chestnut, ash, hazel, blackthorn, sour cherry, oak)
    • Short transport routes - with the help of the shortest possible transport routes, Gastrock reduces its CO2 footprint
    • Energy efficiency – the wood waste is shredded and fed 100% into the company's energy budget
    This article contains non-textile parts of animal origin.