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Haenel Auto loading rifle Haenel CR223,16,65*,schwa, .223 Rem.

  • 26/384

Haenel Auto loading rifle Haenel CR223,16,65*,schwa, .223 Rem. Sandfarben | Lauflänge 423 mm | Matchabzug | Handschutz lang - Frankonia Wholesale B2B ✓ Germany ✓ International

Auto loading rifle Haenel CR223,16,65*,schwa, .223 Rem., Haenel
Auto loading rifle Haenel CR223,16,65*,schwa, .223 Rem., Haenel

HaenelAuto loading rifle Haenel CR223,16,65*,schwa, .223 Rem.

Auto loading rifle Haenel CR223,16,65*,schwa, .223 Rem., Haenel
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Retail Price:
€ 3.250,00
  • indirect gas pressure charger
  • modified M4 sliding stock
  • handguard removable without tools
  • can be operated from both sides
.223 Rem.
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    • indirect gas pressure charger
    • modified M4 sliding stock
    • handguard removable without tools
    • can be operated from both sides

    Maximum functional safety through "indirect gas extraction", which also reduces dirt deposits from powder gases to a minimum. Can be secured in a relaxed state. Dry-standing direct trigger or fine trigger. Handguard on the barrel can be removed without tools, mechanical flip-up rear sight. Total length 93.5-85 cm, weight from 3.45 kg.

    Haenel CR 223

    With the "Competition Rifle" 223, or CR 223 for short, the Haenel gunsmiths are continuing their long tradition of manufacturing semi-automatic rifles. The first assault rifle in history was built and developed at CG Haenel in Suhl. The CR 223 is a semi-automatic rifle with a piston system in .223 Rem caliber. based on the legendary AR 15 system. As a modern self-loader with a center fire design, the Haenel CR 223 also works as a gas pressure loader with a rotary bolt head. The length of the telescopic butt stock can be adjusted in six stages. The rifle has a free-floating, cold-hammered barrel that is available in three different barrel lengths: 423 mm / 368 mm / 254 mm. Depending on the barrel length, the overall length is between 938 mm and 684 mm. Depending on the version and accessories, the weight is between 3.35 kg and 3.6 kg. In addition to the direct trigger with approx. 3,200 g, an optional fine trigger is also available, which releases at approx. 1,500 g. The fuse can be operated from both sides.

    variant with

    • 10-round magazine
    • M-LOK side handguard (left/right)
    • Modified M4 sliding stock
    • Flash hider A2 Standard
    • mechanical folding visor
    • Trigger safety, 60°, can be operated from both sides
    • firing pin safety
    • 2 sided Picatinny top/bottom
    • Barrel length: 423 mm, 368 mm or 254 mm
    • Color Options: Black, Sand or Olive
    • Direct or match trigger

    M-LOK handguard

    The aluminum handguard has two Picatinny rails (STANAG 4694, top/bottom). The forend is rounded on the sides (left/right) and is therefore flat with M-LOK interfaces. The forend can be removed without tools.

    Technical specifications:

    • Barrel length options: 423 mm, 368 mm or 254 mm
    • Color options: black, sand-colored or olive
    • Trigger: direct trigger (3,200 g) or match trigger (approx. 1,500 g)
    • Flash hider: A2 standard
    • Magazine capacity: 10 cartridges
    • Safety: trigger safety, 60°
    • Firing pin safety
    • Sights: mechanical folding sights
    • Stock: modified M4 push stock
    • Weight: approx. 3.5 kg

    CG Haenel has a long tradition as a manufacturer of semi and fully automatic sporting and law enforcement weapons: With the StG44, the world's first assault rifle was co-developed and manufactured by Haenel in Suhl in the 20th century. The entire know-how of this weapon category flowed into the new development of the civilian CR and military MK models that correspond to the AR-15/M4 standards. In-house production with a cold forging plant completes the expertise of the Suhl specialists. Sports and official weapons are manufactured here that set international standards - made in Suhl, Germany.

    Please note that according to the BKA decision, the sporty approval only applies to the versions with a 16.5" barrel (423 mm).


    Data sheet:

    Hand tensionNein
    Removable magazineJa
    Open sightsJa
    Muzzle threadJa
    Barrel shapeStandard
    System materialDural
    Stock shapeSchubschaft
    Barrel length standard caliber in cm42
    Barrel length magnum caliber in cmk.A.
    Total length minimalk.A.
    Total length maximum97