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Haenel Repeating rifle Jäger 10

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Haenel Repeating rifle Jäger 10 - Frankonia Wholesale B2B ✓ Germany ✓ International

Repeating rifle Jäger 10, Haenel
Repeating rifle Jäger 10, Haenel
Repeating rifle Jäger 10, Haenel
Repeating rifle Jäger 10, Haenel

HaenelRepeating rifle Jäger 10

Repeating rifle Jäger 10, Haenel
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Retail Price:
€ 1.199,00
  • Plastic stock
  • Picatinny rail
  • muzzle thread
  • with removable sights
  • bipod adapter
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    • Plastic stock
    • Picatinny rail
    • muzzle thread
    • with removable sights
    • bipod adapter

    The forged receiver is unique in this class, impresses with precise handling and makes every grip on the bolt handle a functional pleasure. The modern bolt-action rifle with the Haenel arrow: straightforward and target-oriented.

    Functional and practical: the Jaeger 10 is manufactured using the latest technology. The high-strength three-lug bolt runs perfectly in the cold-forged receiver with the best surface and sliding properties. The precision of this system corresponds to that of the cold-forged Suhl barrels. The opening angle of only 60 degrees makes fast repeating possible. Plus a precision trigger – and a removable magazine for quick magazine changes. Everything a light and easy-to-handle all-rounder needs. 2-position fuse. Plastic shaft with SoftTouch coating.

    General description for all models Haenel Jaeger 10:
    The Haenel company can look back on a long tradition in the manufacture of high-quality hunting guns and impresses with the most modern design and manufacturing principles. The Haenel Jaeger 10 impresses with its excellent price/performance ratio and is 100% "Made in Germany".

    The Jaeger 10 is offered in various model variants, from the higher-quality Timber version in wood class 4, two variants with a camouflage surface, three varmint versions as well as a short tracker and a precision rifle. The stock of this easy-to-handle bolt-action rifle has a straight back with, depending on the version, an elongated German cheekpiece. The plastic shafts are made from the latest high-tech plastic. All metal parts are matt blued. Hunters can fall back on a special women's shaft. The stock has been shortened, the pistol grip is steeper and a cushioning butt plate reduces recoil. These features enable a touch typical of women.

    The bolt has six large lugs on the chamber head and runs perfectly in the receiver with excellent surface and sliding properties. The opening angle of just 60 degrees enables both quick repeating and a very flat scope mount. The trigger is a dry standing direct trigger. The trigger triggers dust-dry at 500 g. Truly unique in this price range. The removable magazine consists of a sheet steel body and holds 3 + 1 cartridges as standard.

    The rifle comes standard with a driven hunt sight with a luminous front sight. This can be dismantled so that an over-barrel silencer can be fitted without any problems. The fuse is to the right of the lock and has a separate chamber lock which allows unloading in the secured state. The Jaeger 10 comes standard with a Picatinny rail. This means that all common telescopic sights can be mounted without any problems.

    Technical specifications:

    • Magazine capacity: 3 cartridges
    • Magazine type: 2-row plug-in magazine
    • Shaft: olive, plastic stock
    • Trigger: precision trigger
    • Safety: side sliding safety
    • Sights: removable
    • Mounting rail: Picatinny
    • muzzle thread: M15x1
    • Barrel length: 51 cm, semi-weight barrel ( Ø 19 mm)
    • Total length: 103 cm
    • Weight: 3.2 kg


    Data sheet:

    Hand tensionNein
    Removable magazineJa
    Open sightsJa
    Muzzle threadM15x1
    Barrel shapeStandard
    System materialStahl
    Stock shapek.A.
    Barrel length standard caliber in cm51
    Barrel length magnum caliber in cmk.A.
    Total length minimalk.A.
    Total length maximum103

    Documents (PDF)