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Hikmicro Thermal imaging attachment TE19C

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Hikmicro Thermal imaging attachment TE19C - Frankonia Wholesale B2B ✓ Germany ✓ International

Thermal imaging attachment TE19C, Hikmicro
Thermal imaging attachment TE19C, Hikmicro
Thermal imaging attachment TE19C, Hikmicro
Thermal imaging attachment TE19C, Hikmicro
Thermal imaging attachment TE19C, Hikmicro

HikmicroThermal imaging attachment TE19C

Thermal imaging attachment TE19C, Hikmicro
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€ 1.139,00
  • light and compact device
  • display in four color modes selectable
  • easy assembly
  • suitable for forest and field hunting
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    • light and compact device
    • display in four color modes selectable
    • easy assembly
    • suitable for forest and field hunting

    The Hikmicro TE19C thermal imaging attachment is a lightweight, compact attachment that is easy to mount on your optics using a separately available adapter. The accumulated experiences of the manufacturer flow into this device and ensure a great result. The thermal imaging attachment has a built-in 3D DNR-VOx sensor that creates a high-contrast, high-resolution image. With a color palette of four display variants, the WBK can be individually adjusted to all circumstances or users. The resolution of the microbolometer is 256x92 pixels with 12 µm and a sensitivity of <35 mk, which also makes small temperature differences visible. The 19 mm objective lens opens up a large field of view (100 m/16.2 m), which is particularly helpful when hunting at night. The detection range of the device is 890m, it can be addressed at a distance of approx. 160m. Thus, the device is suitable for forest and field hunting. A high-quality OLED display with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels turns night into day. As an attachment, a range of up to 110 m is realistic. The device has a USB-C connection and can also be operated via a power bank. The weight is 370 g and can be mounted on the rifle without major weight changes.

    color palette

    • Warmth = black - suitable for precise addressing
    • Warmth = white - best suited for precise addressing
    • Warmth = red – to quickly discover the warmest sources
    • Warmth = rainbow colors – for close-range detection

    With only 370 g the new TE19C does not weigh much. With the overall package of resolution and a fairly attractive price, the device offers new opportunities for beginners. The device convinces with a compact and powerful 256x192 pixel sensor and a manually focusable 19mm lens. With the help of intelligent image algorithms and a sensitivity of only 35 mK, this thermal imaging device enables a great range of 0-150 m. Using the attachment mode is realistic up to 90 m.
    The TE19C can be easily mounted (put on) on your own standard day optics using a separate adapter and allows you to have a constant viewing and shooting position.

    Technical specifications:

    • Lens Ø: 19 mm
    • OLED display: 1024x768px
    • microbolometer: 256x192px
    • image frequency: 50 Hz
    • field of view horizontal/vertical: 9.24x6.94°
    • optical magnification: 2.4x
    • digital zoom (only in monocular mode) : 2x - 4x - 8x
    • Color palettes (number): 4 different modes
    • Discovery distance (deer): 890 m
    • Speech range (deer): 120 m
    • Protection class: IP67
    • Weight: 370 g

    Supplied with:

    • Cordura bag with storage compartments for accessories
    • USB cable type C
    • Quick Start Guide
    • cleaning cloth
    • washer
    • Shoulder strap for bag
    • 2x CR123A 3.0V battery (non-rechargeable)

    Documents (PDF)