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Meopta Riflescope Optika6 3-18x50 RD FFP

  • 74/366

Meopta Riflescope Optika6 3-18x50 RD FFP MRAD RD - Frankonia Wholesale B2B ✓ Germany ✓ International

Riflescope Optika6 3-18x50 RD FFP, Meopta
Riflescope Optika6 3-18x50 RD FFP, Meopta
Riflescope Optika6 3-18x50 RD FFP, Meopta

MeoptaRiflescope Optika6 3-18x50 RD FFP

Riflescope Optika6 3-18x50 RD FFP, Meopta
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Retail Price:
€ 869,00
  • RD illuminated reticle
  • tube made of robust aluminum
  • MeoShield & MeoBright multi-layer coating
  • high transmission values in any light
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    • RD illuminated reticle
    • tube made of robust aluminum
    • MeoShield & MeoBright multi-layer coating
    • high transmission values in any light

    The Optika6 rifle scope line combines new performance with the usual reliability of the MeoPro series.

    The scopes are designed to give hunters the premium features they have come to expect from the Meopta brand at a great price. All riflescopes in the Optika6 series are available with cross sights with patented Dichrotech technology, which makes it easier for the hunter to find and aim at the target in difficult lighting conditions.

    The Optika6 3-18x50 First Focal Plane (FFP) reticle scope features exposed, lockable, coverd windage settings that are resettable to zero.

    This means that the target is always in view, but large distances are no problem thanks to fast trajectory compensation. FFP models feature what is known as a zero-stop elevation turret, which allows the shooter to achieve a clear zero no matter the distance chosen. This enables quick adjustment directly in the terrain without worrying about unwanted twisting.

    Standard click values for non-MIL reticles are 0.25 MOA, while MIL-based reticles have settings of 0.1 milliradians per click.

    MeoBright 5501
    MeoBright 5501 is a multi-layer coating that is applied to all glass-air surfaces using an ion-assisted vapor deposition process. This coating developed by Meopta eliminates reflections and increases transmission to 99.8% per glass-air surface.

    MeoShield is a protective layer applied to the outer lens surfaces using the ion-assisted vapor deposition process. It effectively protects the optics against scratches and mechanical stress under extreme conditions. MeoShield conforms to MIL specifications for toughness and surface hardness.

    RD illuminated reticle
    The Meopta riflescopes with RD (Red Dot) illuminated reticles have an illuminated dot that can be set to seven different levels of illumination using a rotary knob. The levels range from very dim to daylight illumination. Intermediate levels after each lighting level, which switch off the lighting, save the battery and the selected lighting level can be set again quickly and safely.

    Technical specifications:

    • Lens diameter: 50 mm
    • Lens filter thread: M55x0.75
    • Exit pupil distance (mm): 100
    • Field of view on the lens side: 6.4-1.1 °
    • Diopter adjustment range: -2/ +2 dpt
    • Transmission in daylight: 91%
    • Transmission in Twilight: 88%
    • Reticle adjustment steps (cm/100m): 0.7
    • Reticle adjustment range (cm/100m): 262
    • Parallax compensation: 9.1 m - infinity
    • Length of central tube (mm): 142
    • Weight (g) : 849

    Data sheet:

    exit pupil (mm)9,5-2,8
    twilight number12,2-30,0
    Field of view at 100m11,2-1,9
    center tube diameter30,0
    length (mm)371,0
    weight (g)849,0
    EAN Code8594050735590

    Documents (PDF)

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