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Mercury hunting Bolt action rifle Saphire Thumbhole

  • 216/1205

Mercury hunting Bolt action rifle Saphire Thumbhole 8x57 IS - Frankonia Wholesale B2B ✓ Germany ✓ International

Bolt action rifle Saphire Thumbhole, Mercury hunting
Bolt action rifle Saphire Thumbhole, Mercury hunting

Mercury huntingBolt action rifle Saphire Thumbhole

Bolt action rifle Saphire Thumbhole, Mercury hunting
Bolt action rifle Saphire Thumbhole, Mercury hunting
Dealer price:
Price per piece excl. VAT

Retail Price:
€ 998,00
  • Synthetic - thumbhole stock
  • thumbhole stock with soft-touch coating
  • with a convex, steep pistol grip for a good grip
  • with sights
Item number:


    item description
    • Synthetic - thumbhole stock
    • thumbhole stock with soft-touch coating
    • with a convex, steep pistol grip for a good grip
    • with sights

    The model name SAPHIRE stands for Sabatti All Purpose Hunting Italian Rifle. The name alone indicates that the Italian manufacturer has developed its new repeating rifle specifically for hunting use. It therefore differs fundamentally from the traditional Rover rifle.

    The Saphire offers the option of using interchangeable barrels, and it also has a comfortable opening angle of 60 degrees and a fine trigger.
    Sabatti's newly developed, cold-forged Multi-Radial barrel (MRR®) made of AISI-4140 (42CrMo4) steel reduces bullet abrasion, achieves a higher exit velocity and is significantly more precise in bullet guidance.

    All model versions are supplied with an M15x1 muzzle thread for optional installation of a silencer or muzzle brake. The open sight is screwed on so it can be easily removed when using over-barrel silencers. This means the user keeps all options open. When not in use, the muzzle thread is covered and protected by an inconspicuous socket. The barrel length is 52 cm and the outside diameter of the barrel is approx. 17 mm.

    The shutter was CNC machined from 55 aluminum. An integrated, two-piece Picatinny rail ensures maximum flexibility when mounting the scope. The locking head made of NiCrMo steel was given a special toughness and hardness through a special heat treatment.

    The safety used locks both the trigger and the sear. It is a very safe system because the locking of the sear is particularly robust. And when the sear is locked, the firing pin is also locked. In theory, a safety that directly locks the firing pin is safer, but due to the small size of the components, these parts are often less resilient.

    The multiradial running profile (MRR®)

    When comparing a traditional barrel with a polygonal and the multiradial, the latter is ideal for both traditional and solid bullets.

    With multi-radial barrels, two different radii alternate, which give the bullet geometrically positive support without putting too much strain on it. In fact, the bullets are pressure formed to follow the circumference and are not cut like in the traditional barrel, extending the life of the barrel. Additionally, there are no sharp corners like other barrel systems where debris collects, keeping the barrel cleaner and reducing wear.

    All tests that have been carried out show: Multiradial barrels shoot better and more precisely than traditionally shaped barrels with conventional lead bullets and with solid bullets in cal. 7.62 mm (.308) and cal. 6.5 mm (.264).

    At standard pressures, the exit velocity is higher than a traditional barrel - up to 12% in certain circumstances. The bullet seals the barrel bore better so that no gas can escape to the front, which optimizes the effect of the propulsion energy. In addition, the friction between the bullet and the barrel is reduced to a minimum.

    The spatial arrangement has further improved due to the extremely tight production tolerances that must be maintained when producing multiradial barrels. The multiradial barrel is ideal for the cold forging process. The consistency of the running profile created is excellent and the overall quality of the runs has been improved.

    The special barrel geometry of the barrel lug in multiradial barrels enables the bullet to be guided more precisely and continuously through the chamber neck and the bullet bore than is the case with conventional barrel systems - the bullet hits the bore in the best possible way, which reduces flight abrasion.

    Under the same conditions, there is less copper deposits inside the multiradial barrels, meaning less cleaning is required. And if cleaning needs to be done, it's easier than with conventional trains. The user can further improve the performance of the multiradial barrel by simply applying abrasive paste, without fear of ruining the barrel as can be the case with the traditional profile.

    Technical specifications:

    • Total length 105 cm
    • Barrel length 52 cm
    • Trigger: Direct/fine trigger
    • Safety device
    • Barrel quality: Multi-Radial-Barrel
    • Muzzle thread M15x1
    • Mounting rail: Picatinny
    • System material: 55 aluminum
    • Stock material: plastic
    • Magazine capacity: 3 cartridges
    • Weight 3, 22kg

    Data sheet:

    Hand tensionNein
    Removable magazineJa
    Open sightsJa
    Muzzle threadM15x1
    Barrel shapeStandard
    System materialDural
    Stock shapeLochschaft
    Barrel length standard caliber in cm52
    Barrel length magnum caliber in cm52
    Total length minimalk.A.
    Total length maximumk.A.

    Documents (PDF)

    Test Heft November 2017