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Sellier & Bellot .222 Rem. Vollmantel 3,2g/50grs.

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Sellier & Bellot .222 Rem. Vollmantel 3,2g/50grs. .222 Rem. - Frankonia Wholesale B2B ✓ Germany ✓ International

.222 Rem. Vollmantel 3,2g/50grs., Sellier & Bellot

Sellier & Bellot.222 Rem. Vollmantel 3,2g/50grs.

.222 Rem. Vollmantel 3,2g/50grs., Sellier & Bellot
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€ 79,90
  • Ideal for training and competitions on the shooting range and in the shooting cinema
  • Full jacket Boat Tail bullet
  • Very precise
  • Pack of 100
.222 Rem.
Item number:


    item description
    • Ideal for training and competitions on the shooting range and in the shooting cinema
    • Full jacket Boat Tail bullet
    • Very precise
    • Pack of 100

    Sellier & Bellot rifle cartridges with full metal jacket, pointed bullet and boat tail with top value for money. Whether in the shooting cinema or on the shooting range - the precise and reliable loads are ideal for regular training and ambitious competitions. The tombac jacket prevents the barrels from being lead-on and significantly reduces barrel contamination. The cartridges are loaded with high-quality brass cases and soft boxer ignition.


    explosive 1.4
    Danger. Danger from fire or splinters, explosives and projectiles. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. Do not smoke.


    Data sheet:

    ManufacturerSellier & Bellot
    manufacturer numberV335622
    EN: Geschossgewicht (g/grs)3,24/50
    bullet typeVollmantel
    EN: Packungsgröße (Stück)100
    Caliber.222 Remington
    EN: Fluggeschwindigkeit V0 (m/s)970,0
    EN: Fluggeschwindigkeit V100 (m/s)850,0
    EN: Fluggeschwindigkeit V200 (m/s)725,0
    EN: Fluggeschwindigkeit V300 (m/s)628,0
    EN: Geschossenergie E0 (Joule)1524,0
    EN: Geschossenergie E100 (Joule)1170,0
    EN: Geschossenergie E200 (Joule)853,0
    EN: Geschossenergie E300 (Joule)638,0
    EN: Treffpunktlage 50m-1,0
    EN: Treffpunktlage 100m0
    EN: Günstigste Einschießentfernung (m)187,0
    EN: Treffpunktlage Zielfernrohr 50m1,1
    EN: Treffpunktlage Zielfernrohr 100m3,7
    EN: Treffpunktlage Zielfernrohr 200m-1,7
    EN: Treffpunktlage Zielfernrohr 300m-25,8
    EAN Code8590690335626