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Walther Pistol PDP Full Size V2 – 5" OR

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Walther Pistol PDP Full Size V2 – 5" OR Tungsten Grey - Frankonia Wholesale B2B ✓ Germany ✓ International

Pistol PDP Full Size V2 – 5" OR, Walther
Pistol PDP Full Size V2 – 5" OR, Walther
Pistol PDP Full Size V2 – 5" OR, Walther

WaltherPistol PDP Full Size V2 – 5" OR

Pistol PDP Full Size V2 – 5" OR, Walther
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€ 848,99
  • like glass-breaking performance duty trigger with 25 N
  • short reset allows consistent top performance
  • ergonomics and intuitive target acquisition
  • deep loading grooves
  • Optics Ready
9 mm Luger
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    • like glass-breaking performance duty trigger with 25 N
    • short reset allows consistent top performance
    • ergonomics and intuitive target acquisition
    • deep loading grooves
    • Optics Ready

    The Walther PDP Full Size V2 with a new optics mounting platform.

    The pistol impresses with its striking appearance. Deep loading grooves can be found both at the front and at the back of the slide. This means that the charging process remains a safe affair in all weathers. The completely redesigned grip has a pyramid-shaped texture (Performance Duty Texture) and contributes the rest to the outstanding handling. The back straps, which are available in different sizes (S, M, L), also have this texture. Not too sharp to hurt on high runs or "tear" on clothing, but aggressive enough to achieve perfect grip at all times. The curved shape at the end of the handle gives the little finger support and supports intuitive interpretation.

    All models in the PDP series have a slide catch lever on both sides, an interchangeable magazine button and come Optics Ready with a milled slide top for various - optionally available - adapter plates for red dot sights from the brands Docter, Noblex, Meopta, Trijicon, Holosun, Riton, Axion, Leupold, SIG Sauer , Vortex or Burris Fast Fire series.

    The new optics mounting platform is characterized by the modified cut-out for the mounting plate. This is 2 mm longer than before and thus enables the mounting of all current red dot sights. The new equipment also includes recoil lugs and larger screw cutouts. This makes it possible to use the original fastening screws from the optics manufacturer for assembly.

    If you want to aim in the "classic" way using the rear sight and front sight, you can do this using the sights that are compatible with GLOCK. A co-witness sighting is possible. The standard sights are adjustable in height and side. Additional practical accessories can be attached to the Picatinny rail.

    The trigger breaks at the pressure point like glass with a trigger weight of 25 N. The short reset allows consistent top performance from shot to shot. Both together create the conditions for a controlled hit and safe trigger control in every situation and from shot to shot.

    The result of the perfect grip angle and the interaction of total weight, weight distribution and balance is the excellent pointing behavior. The weapon intuitively follows the line of sight of the aiming eye.

    The stepped cartridge chamber ensures significantly better sealing and thus less soiling of the polygon barrel.

    Technical specifications
    model PDP Full Size V2 4" PDP Full Size V2 4.5" PDP Full Size V2 5"
    yardage 102mm / 4" 115mm / 4.5" 127mm / 5"
    overall length 184mm 198mm 210mm
    Broad 34mm 34mm 34mm
    Height 143mm 143mm 143mm
    line of sight 163mm 176mm 188mm
    Trigger distance S/M/L 70/70/73mm 70/70/73mm 70/70/73mm
    Grip circumference at M 148mm 148mm 148mm
    Weight including empty magazine 695g 715g 745g
    magazine capacity 18 18 18
    magazines 2 2 2
    suitable adapter plates 2013345, 2013347, 2013348 2013345, 2013347, 2013348 2013345, 2013347, 2013348

    Technical specifications:

    • Barrel length: 127 mm (5")
    • Magazine capacity: 18 cartridges
    • Sights: Elevation and windage adjustable, Optic Ready, Co-Witness
    • Trigger: Performance Duty Trigger
    • Trigger weight: 25 N
    • Trigger travel: 7 mm
    • Safeties: Load indicator, trigger, Firing pin, breaker
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 210x34x143 mm
    • Weight: 745 g


    Documents (PDF)